Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After seeing how great the mixed use condo mall is at Robinsons Place Manila has proved to be, I think a min mall or supermarket or hypermarket on vito a cruz and taft (opposite Jollibee) could be a prime opportunity to form a joint venture with Cityland to put several condo projects on top of such a mall or hypermarket and would be a gold mine for the operators and residents and such a convenience.

I am sure Cityland Chairman Sycip and President Luison might be interested. Cityland has excellent value for the money and are quickly bought up as a result.
There are over 6 major wealthy colleges and universities within two blocks

De La Salle University-Manila Taft Ave, Manila
DLSU School of Design Ocampo
STI COLLEGE – TAFT INC, Educational Institutions, 1913 TAFT AVENUE
Philippine Normal University – Taft Avenue, Manila
SANTA ISABEL COLLEGE, 210 Taft Avenue, Manila, Manila
St scholastica’s college manila
Rizal Stadium

At least 10 high rise condos within one block and a place to shop a few steps away is badly needed. And maybe more condos right along the LRT stop Vito Cruz/Taft/Pueblo Ocampo.

And with all these potential customers nearby, why not have entertainment and restaurants along Taft Ave like you have done in Ayala Cebu that face the street and can stay open all night if desired?

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Parents from all over the Philippines buy condos for their students in Manila and with so many universities nearby, it is a prime area for condos as many others have shown and developed in the area near the Vito Cruz.

Another prime use for a condo/hypermarket at vito cruz (now Ocampo) & taft on top of a mini mall or supermarket or hypermarket could be a call center on some of the floors as this is bound to continue to expand here in Manila as more firms move call operations here and it is in such a prime location for so many residents as it right on the vito cruz lrt stop. Prime location at vito cruz/taft across from Jollibee for a joint hypermarket mini mall and mixed use Cityland condo.

Several floors could even be developed into a university for international students or rented at to one of the nearby universities as they expand.

There is a big mansion and property alongTaft & beyond Vito Cruz towards Buendia just a few minutes from the corner that could be the anchor area for the start of the development and many others would be happy to sell. There are already many houses up for sale in this area as it in fast development.

Students, parents, the sports attendees at Rizal Stadium, the hotels, the condos, the schools, the main transport line would all welcome such a development.

We hope that mini mall, supermarket or Hypermart could be a anchor to allow other entertainment businesses to open in a safe and recognized developer in this Taft/Pueblo Ocampo area with its thousands of wealthy residents ready to buy and spend.

Harrison Plaza several blocks away has not been moderized in years so residents want a upscale place to shop, eat, and hangout in this university, condo area


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